Saturday, 4 April 2015

Next Step...

It has been a few weeks since I decided to start a blog, when I started I didn’t want to be like some other people who start writing then only post a couple of pages but I have spent the past few weeks getting used to yet another change to my diet .
I have had the results from an allergy and food intolerance test and have discovered that I also can’t eat dairy products, wine, eggs, poultry, peppers and buckwheat so it’s been experiment time again in the kitchen trying to work out what to eat to be healthy and how to cook it. My first adventure has been making Kimchii. Click here for KIMCHII RECIPE.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Ruthy's Recipes

Hello everyone, I thought I would share some of my favourite gluten free recipes with you. All these recipes have been tried and tested by me and my partner Ian, and I can guarantee that they're tasty and healthy.
I should probably start by telling you a little about myself and why I had to change my diet. My journey started over two years ago when I caught a cold and it turned into glandular fever. I was left exhausted and very depressed and realised I had to try as many complementary therapies as possible to get back on my feet again, (I'd spent almost three months in bed). So my first visit was to a herbalist who after an hour suggested that I might be allergic to grains - how would i feel about giving them up? I said yeah I’m sure I can do that and went home feeling very optimistic. When I got home, though, I stood in the kitchen and cried when I realised how many foods I couldn’t eat anymore. No more bread, porridge, biscuits and cakes, I didn’t know what to eat or how to cook grain-free cakes etc... and so I started the long climb towards the top of the grain-free mountain. I’m still climbing , still learning and finally I’m starting to enjoy what i eat.

My second visit was to see Dr Wen, the acupuncturist, in Oswestry for a course of treatment. I love accupunture, it had always helped me in the past. Sometimes it hurts a little but the end result is always worth it for me. No pain no gain, as they say. I went every week for a few months then ran out of money. Now I go every month or more if I need to, I just like to keep my feelgood factor topped up. I'd recommend acupuncture if you can find a good practitioner.

My first real dietary discovery has been that there is no real substitute for bread made from wheat. I’ve tried all sorts from the shops and tried many recipes for wheat-free foods and they are never taste like the real thing. So I’ve decided not even to bother trying to replicate what I cant have and to experiment with other things instead. I was using a lot of rice in my food, using rice flour in cakes and pastry but now I can't eat that anymore either. I shouldn’t have eaten it at all but i think I’ve been in denial for some time as well, hoping that rice would be ok... but no!! Oh well, on with the show... I hope you find the following information useful and if you have any recipes to share please feel free to out them in a comment.

More soon and happy eating to all xxx